How do I view what training is available?

You can see all training available here

How do I buy my training pass? 

Once you've decided there's seminars you'd love to watch, click here, or on the 'Training Passes' button at the top of the page. Here you will buy your pass based on the amount of seminars you'd like to watch. You have the option of buying 1, 2, 5, 8, 12 or all seminars available. 

How do I choose my seminars once I've bought my training pass?

Once you've bought your training pass and completed registration, click here or head to the 'Seminars' button at the top of the page. Here you'll be able to filter through all our training and add Seminars onto your Training Programme by clicking the 'add to my training' button displayed on each Seminar. 

Please note: Once you click 'add to my training', it will take you straight to the seminar. If you don't want to watch it right away, just head back to 'Seminars' and continue looking. 

How do I watch the seminars?

Once you've added talks to your Training Programme, you can find everything you've bought at the 'My Training' button (you won't be able to access this until you've purchased your ticket) at the top of the page 

Please note: All our videos are uploaded to Youtube first, meaning you'll see a 'watch later' button on each video. Please ignore this function, as you'll be able to watch all videos in one place, using the instructions above.

Can I watch my seminars whenever I like?

Yes, you can watch them whenever you like by heading to 'My Training'. 

What If I've used up all the seminars included in my ticket and I now want to watch more?

We offer upgrades on your tickets so you can watch more Seminars if you've run out of passes. Please call us on 01425 838 393 for your upgrade.

Why are all the seminar dates in the past?

All of the content on this training platform has come from a past Childcare & Education Virtual Summit. The dates you see displayed are the dates the seminar would have been released. All seminars are now on-demand, meaning you can watch them straight away, or at a time that suits you.

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